Our History

Meet Florida’s longtime, established workers’ compensation company—with a bold new twist

Founded in 1979 as the Florida Retail Federation Self Insurers Fund—which grew to become the largest self-insurance fund in the State—RetailFirst Insurance Company is the product of the strategic 2011 conversion of the Fund to a mutual holding company. That result is a non-assessable stock insurance company with a more than 30-year history of workers’ comp service and knowledge. Led by a group of highly experienced industry leaders with a proven track record of staying on top of the changing workers’ comp market, products and policyholder needs, today’s RetailFirst is stronger than ever and ready to meet the future head on.

RetailFirst has a three-decade relationship with the Florida Retail Federation and has established itself as a specialist in the retail business with thousands of retailers and allied companies as policyholders. This relationship has provided insights into the retail industry that have resulted in a better understanding of needs and ways to better serve clients.

RetailFirst is a specialized monoline provider of workers’ comp coverage that is committed to putting all of its efforts and resources into one line of business to provide agents and policyholders with exceptional service. Since 1979, RetailFirst has been managed by Summit, the people who know workers’ comp. As Florida’s largest workers’ comp provider, Summit is well known in the industry for its keen attention to detail and customer friendly attitude. 

This conversion happened because
we focus on what is in the best interest of
our policyholders.

William Kundrat, Jr., RetailFirst Board

Our philosophy

RetailFirst is a company that believes workers’ comp should be more than just another cost of doing business. We are retailers serving retailers—with a record of top performance in Florida workers’ compensation for more than 30 years. RetailFirst continues to gain strength as one of the top workers’ comp insurers in Florida, with more than 7,000 companies depending on us statewide. We serve our retailers with pride.

Moreover, we believe in strong, consistent underwriting, efficient operations and financial stability. RetailFirst is financially strong with more than $115 million in surplus. We proudly outperform the industry in percentage of surplus to premium, and we exceed minimum surplus requirements consistently. Rest assured that our financial strength is also backed by solid reinsurance coverage from the highest rated companies. 

Meet Summit
RetailFirst is administered by Summit, Florida’s largest workers’ comp provider. Summit was instrumental in the formation of our company in 1979. We have grown successfully and profitably together, because we share the vision and philosophy of intense customer service and laser- like focus on the one thing we do best—Florida workers’ comp for Florida’s retailers. The partnership has resulted in building the most respected comp carrier in the state.