Great workers’ compensation coverage, solid dividend options and retail information you can grow on

Welcome to RetailFirst Insurance Company, the workers’ compensation choice for retail businesses throughout Florida. RetailFirst insures almost 6,000 companies statewide. We have more than $230 million in surplus, thanks to consistent and disciplined underwriting, sound operations and strategic thinking. Experienced leadership has taken this company through three generations of workers’ compensation markets, and we have consistently outperformed the industry in all meaningful measures of performance, including surplus and combined operating ratios.

Our board of directors is 100 percent Florida. They understand the Florida workers’ comp market, they are poised to react quickly to changes, and they know the value of being marketed exclusively through Florida’s independent insurance agents.

Dividends you can actually get

We believe in safety, and we will continue to work with our policyholders to identify risks and create proactive safety programs that fit their needs. That is our pledge, as we continue to provide strong dividend programs for our safety-conscious policyholders. 

One line of insurance, done right.

RetailFirst is a specialized monoline provider of workers’ comp and employers liability insurance coverage. That means we put our efforts and resources into one single line of business. Our goal is to provide agents and policyholders with a consistent product they can count on in through the ever changing workers’ comp market. We do comp right, and the proof is in our long-term performance.

We are managed by Summit, the people who know workers’ comp. As Florida’s largest workers’ comp provider, Summit is well known in the industry for its keen attention to detail and customer friendly attitude. They have been our only administrator since our creation in 1979.

Great retail extras

RetailFirst is the workers’ comp carrier that understands retail needs, problems and solutions. Count on us for service-driven coverage and safety programs customized for your business. Put RetailFirst workers’ comp insurance to work for your business today.

For over 30 years we have worked with our agents to provide workers’ comp products and services designed for Florida’s retail world.