Why RetailFirst?

RetailFirst is dedicated to providing quality workers’ compensation insurance programs to help you manage your comp costs. We will work with you to create a culture of safety for your employees, prevent workplace injuries and lower your claims costs—and we will never stop learning and researching ways to better serve you, our retail policyholders. 

We do workers’ comp the way we’d want it done for us

With more than 7,000 retail policyholders representing more than $4 billion in Florida payrolls, and growing, RetailFirst knows that customer service is non-negotiable. After all, we serve the experts in that field—you, our retailers. RetailFirst provides workers’ comp coverage to stores, hospitals, malls, restaurants, garden centers—all types of retail business. We know your coverage needs, we understand the economic issues that face our state, and we stay up to the minute on the workers’ comp safety research and cost-cutting measures that matter to the retail products and services industry. 

Let’s beat the economy together

Florida’s economy has taken a hit from which we are still recovering. But Florida will recover, and RetailFirst will be on the front lines, doing its part. Our pledge to you is that we will work to keep costs low, service incredible and safety first. We want you to be free to concentrate on building your business. We will continue to provide workers’ compensation insurance you can count on to add value, not just cost. It’s that simple.

Workers’ comp for retail needs

  • You can report any injury directly to our management company, online or by phone. Learn More
  • Real people still answer our phones.
  • We help you get injured employees back on the job as soon as possible. Learn More
  • Free posters and safety programs are available. Learn More
  • Great claims management. Injured employees are assigned a personal adjustor to work with them throughout the claim.
  • Employers and agents will benefit from instant access to online policy information, loss history and  mod information.
  • In addition, RetailFirst keeps folks in the field with you. Give us a call, and we’ll stop in with a new eye for potential injury situations, safety tips and advice to put your business ahead of the game.